Welcome to Ulvsbomuren

A quality option for families, groups of friends or tight conference groups.

In Västmanland´s large forests, two hours west of Stockholm, wilderness meets rural life but also industrial history and the modern countryside. Here on the farm, you can experience the local flavour along with professional hosting and extensive knowledge of the area´s wild- and birdlife.


Ulvsbomuren is located about ten kilometers north-west of the hamlet of Ramnäs along the river of Kolbäcksån. Processing of iron has been the basis for the entire area since the 16th century. In 1590 the first ironworks where built by the river of Kolbäcksån. In the middle of the 17th century there were five batters at the rapids in Ramnäs. A few miles upstream, at Seglingsberg, several batters and blast furnaces where already in production in the early 17th-century. The ironworks needed massive amounts of wood and charcoal and rented or gave away forest land to farmers who supplied the ironworks with wood and coal. Ulvsbomuren became an ideal location for some of these “forestmen” – close to the ironworks with a good access to the forest and fields for their cattle and good growing soil.

Even today, 400 years later, when the forest is making a comeback, the fields surrounding Ulvsbomuren are still in use. Now, it is the sheep that keep the landscape open. On the farm beautiful sheepskins and meat of lamb is produced.


Ulvsbomuren Vildmark & Lantliv care about the environment. The farm produces electricity from solar panels and the buildings are heated with electricity, woodpellet stoves and wood stoves. The water is from our own quality-controlled well and the drain consists of a tank with soil infiltration. All household waste is composted and used as soil conditioner to the greenhouse and the garden plots. Other waste will be sorted and delivered for recycling. Food with localy produced ingredients is served, according to season. Local suppliers is a priority as well as eco-labelled products.

Ulvsbomuren Vildmark & Lantliv care about the area’s rich natural and cultural values and I encourage guests to a prudent behaviour to minimize disturbance to wildlife and sensitive natural areas.