In the deep forests of Västmanland, two hours west of Stockholm, wilderness meets rural life and industrial history meets modern countryside. Here on the farm you can experience the lokal flavour along with professional hosting and extensive knowledge of the area´s rich wild- and birdlife.

Welcome to stay in one of the two old timber cottages, Bykhuset and Smedjan, the laundry house and the blacksmith forge. There are nine beds in all but only one group at a time is accepted no matter if you are two persons or more. Meals are served with ingredients from the farm and the local forest.

Bring a picknick into the fields and meet the sheep and lambs or experience the forest from a canoe in one of the forestlakes surrounding the farm. Learn about the best spots for picking berries or mushrooms. Ulvsbomuren is a perfect base for hiking on Bruksleden. The trail offers a varied hike with its deep forests, meadows, desolate moors, lakes and small agricultural communities.

Adaptation to the prevailing Corona pandemic

Only one group at a time is accepted at Ulvsbomuren so you decide who you want to share accommodation with. At present, no dinners are served indoors sitting at the table but you are welcome to order casseroles, gratins and pies delivered at your doorstep as well as picnic food to take out into the forest and breakfast.

Welcome to Ulvsbomuren
A quality option for families, groups of friends or tight conference groups.

Hellen Wistrand
Ulvsbomuren Wildlife Safari & Lodging