(min. 2 persons)

Wildlife luxury

  • Wood fired sauna
  • 3-course dinner
  • One night and breakfast

Explore the forests surrounding Ulvsbomuren on your own. Back on the farm a sauna, heated up with a logfire, makes wonders to your body and soul.

There is also a possibility to take a bath beneath the stars in the wooden hot tub.

Price: 1.170 SEK / person


(min. 2 persons)

Picknick with the sheep

  • Meet the sheep with a picknick to bring along (2 hours)
  • 3-course dinner
  • One night and breakfast

The sheep are very social animals and like to be cuddled. If you visit us during the summer you will also meet a lot of lambs. We will find a nice spot where we can sit down and have our picknick.

Price: 1.045 SEK / person


(min. 2 persons)

Hiking on Bruksleden

  • Hiking on Bruksleden with lunch and snacks to bring along
  • 3-course dinner
  • One night and breakfast

Get some good advice on the different hiking-tracks and a transfer to your startingpoint. Then walk back to Ulvsbomuren where you end your day with a delicious 3-course dinner and a comfortable bed for a good nights sleep. Map, compass, lunch and snacks to bring along.

Price: 1.070 SEK / person


(min. 2 persons)

Experience the forest from the lake

  • Canoeing with lunch and snacks to bring along (6 hours)
  • 3-course dinner
  • One night and breakfast

Canoeing in one of the beautiful forest-lakes just north of Ulvsbomuren. Experience the wilderness from your canoe. If you´re lucky a moose or a roedeer might sneak down to the lake for some water. Have your lunch on the little island and maybe a quick swim.

Price: 1.470 SEK / person


(min. 2 persons)

With filled baskets

  • Guided mushroompicking with a picknick to bring along (3 hours)
  • 3-course dinner
  • One night and breakfast

Not a lot of people find their way into the large forests surrounding Ulvsbomuren. The forest is full of a variety of mushrooms. Good years the mushrooms are offered in abundance.

Price: 1.320 SEK / person


(max. 4 persons)

A time to reflect

  • 5 day exclusive retreat with yoga and mindfulness meditation
  • Accommodation and all meals with locally produced ingredients included
  • Hiking along the forest trails and wood-fired sauna

Winter is a time to reflect, look inwards and restore. Enhance creativity, health and well being with this five days exclusive retreat immersed in nature led by experienced yoga and mindfulness teacher Kari Knight. www.kariknightyoga.com.

Send a mail for more information


(min. 4 persons)

The night´s events in the snow 

  • Guided, one-day, ski tour with lunch to bring. Skis and ski-boots included.
  • Dinner (day 1) 3-course dinner (day 2), 2 nights and breakfast
  • Wood fired sauna day 2

After a snowfall the forest becomes an open book. Animal tracks, wing impressions and territorial markings reveal who did what. An experienced trail guide will explain during a guided, one-day, ski tour.

Price: 2.790 SEK / person


(min. 2 persons)

Picknick with the sheep (2 hours) Coffee, lemonade and buns to bring along

Canoeing (3 hours) Picknick to bring along

Canoeing (6 hours) Lunch and snacks to bring along

Wood fired sauna

Wooden hot tub


Experience the rich wild- and birdlife

Custom-made wildlife safari can be arranged in cooperation with local guides